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Online Live Sessions 
Benefits of online sessions  - Online Zoom sessions @ $100. Length of session varies.

You can have greater confidentiality because you are not seen coming into my office. 

Greater convenience and time savings because of not having any travel time. 

Sessions may be more accessible because there may be no hypnotists in your area.

You may feel more comfortable self-disclosing because of the distance between us, and you are in your familiar home environment.  

It may be more comfortable for you than working with the opposite gender in an unknown office location.  

You can control the temperature of the space and/or not worry about cleaning chemicals that may be used in an office or scents of cleaning products. 

Weather is not a factor unless it affects the internet connection. 

You may not be able to leave your home, so it would enable you to have sessions without worrying about transportation.

If you are physically dis-abled you can have sessions without the physical or emotional discomfort of onsite sessions.  

The practice of hypnosis by non-licensed professionals may be illegal in your state so access is limited, but you can access services from an out of state hypnosis professional. 

You don’t have to get up and leave immediately after the session so you can process the new information and transformation in your own home so the experience of the positive effect continues uninterrupted. 

Save time and money! 

Basic Requirements for Remote Sessions

You must have the following minimum internet connection and equipment to be able to participate remotely:

1)High speed internet – Broadband or better;
2)Zoom software must be installed and working properly;
3)A good camera, and headset with microphone (we must be able to have a good, clear view of your face and upper body, so your camera must be close enough to you;
4)A test “meeting” prior to the session will need to be conducted to make sure it is working satisfactorily.
5)It’s important that we test in the same room/location you will be in when your sessions will be conducted. 

Handling Disruptions, Interruptions and Noise 

In order for us to have a successful remote session, it is very important that the following guidelines for your session be adhered to:

1.)Make sure you are in a room where you can lock the door to prevent family members or pets from coming into the room;
2.)Advise family members that you will be in session, they should not interrupt you or make a lot of noise outside the room;
3.)If you have barking dogs, be sure to put them in another part of the home;
4.)If you tend to get UPS deliveries, etc. place a sign on your door such as: “Please Do Not Ring Bell”
5.)Freezing monitors or disconnects – please make certain that your computer is not set up to go into sleep mode less than 2 or 3 hours of inactivity.
6.)Please disconnect all other programs running on your computer during the session, unnecessary programs may weaken your internet connection;
7.)Turn off the ringer on your cell phone before your session;
8.)In case of an emergency during a session, please give us the telephone no. we can contact who can check on you.

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